'The ease of murder in the ruins'.

A trailer for this short film to be produced by Pampas Grass Productions, Spring 2022

Henry Street Pampas Grass Productions Formed in 2020 Pampas Grass productions,is based in Liverpool and is partnership between writer Paul Daley and film maker Gavin Meredith. When lockdown happened we didn’t want to just sit around and do nothing said Paul, Gavin and I had been friends for years and we thought why don’t we form our own company and rather than wait for people to get back to us, with opportunities let’s make things happen for ourselves. We wanted to focus primarily on film and podcasts, and it’s been a massive success, We’ve made several films, and have several more in the pipeline and our podcasts are making it into the iTunes Charts. We are learning as we go, making some great contacts with likeminded souls and with a budget of zero, I think it’s fare to say we are really happy with what we have achieved.

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